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Bali traditional massage

​It ​is the practice of massaging all parts of the body using GOOD MASSAGE’s special cream and special technique . Massaging the muscles will expedite blood and lymph circulation and . It is also very useful for relaxation and relieving stress.

Effect:Stroke prevention, insomnia relief, body swelling, stress relief, etc.

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Traditionl Japanese massage refers to the use of the fingers and palms to apply pressure to particular section on the body, in order to correct its imbalances, and to maintain and improve general health. It also relieves stress, headache or other disruptions caused by muscles that are too tense, and fixes twisted ​muscles caused by wrong position during exercise or sleep.  


combining Traditional Thai Massage and Japanese Shiatsu technique, this therapy of massaging the body using the hands and feet is useful for initiating muscle stretches that the patient cannot do by him or herself. It also fixes inappropriate body posture caused by wrong position while doing daily activities.



It is the practice of massaging, squeezing and pushing the feet using fingers, in order to encourage a beneficial effect on other parts of the body or to improve general health. The purpose of this practice is to expedite blood circulation, so it relieves the ache and swelling of the feet caused by too much standing or walking. ​​​​​




Back massag shoulder massage

Back Massage

Focus massage to your back only. you can choose with cream or no cream. after sport, long time sitting,

long time sleeping try to Back massage. we also have a shoulder massage.  

​LULUR(Bady Scrub)
​It is the practice of massage using a organic scrub Bali Tangi or  Bali lati that.(you can choose scrub Boleh, Sandalwood, Avogadro, Strawberry, Lavender, Mango, Chamomile, etc.) removes dead skin cells and other dirt and oil from the outermost layer of the skin. The scrub exfoliates your skin by unclogging pores and removing the dead cells to expose your skin’s newer, healthier layers.


Body scrub Lulur
Head massage good massage style

Head massage is  improve blood circulation in the scalp. use special head oil by balitangi, help for effect of preventing hair loss stimulate hair growth. also good for brain and optic nerve. After head massage you feel exhilarating head. Head massage is ont only head, massage also neck and shoulders.

Slimmimg massage
Slimming Massage​​​​​​

Intensive massage with slimming gel to part of your body .Fat is burned from the more than 20 minutes massage, so one place 30 minute massage with slimming gel. After massage fat still burned 2hours,so please do not dine at least 2 hours your body is very easy to absorb food. Fat is able to move to other place, for example, fat of thighs and belly to your hips, fat of back and arms to the breast, so Just let us know which part of your body you want to slim.

Ear candle
Ear Candle ​​​​​​

When you do normal ear cleaning it’s impossible to deep inside the ear. Ear candle use power of force to suck up the oxygen when the fire burns. Clean deep inside ear. When you are clean up deep inside ear, it’s also good for your brain. Able to keep good balance for Mental.

Facial Massage 

Traditional facial massage by hand and use Nu-Skin Lumi  spa machines and products. The vibration of the machine removes the dirt deep inside the pores. Know and remove old skin with peeling gel, Facial massage by hand 10 until 15 minutes, after massage cleaning face again and facial marine mask, facial lotion and moisturizer. Effective after sunburn.

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